TU Delft

Welcome at the TU Delft Guest Centre

TU Delft is a university with a leading global reputation. We would like to welcome you at our campus, to experience our full range of high-quality disciplines, courses and unique facilities. The TU Delft is actively engaged in partnering with peer universities, research institutions and government agencies across the globe in order to facilitate a wide variety of intellectual interactions and exchanges. Feel free to explore the TU Delft as part of a delegation or student. All other visitors (e.g. tourists, parents etc.) are welcome to book a Backstage tour.

For visiting delegations we kindly ask you to fill in the delegation request form. We kindly request you to submit the completed form within a minimum of 4 weeks, prior to the arrival of a planned delegation.

Are you planning to visit the TU Delft campus as a (future) student, please look at the campus tours page.

Other visitors
Are you planning to visit the TU Delft campus on your own initiative, please click here.


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